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PSYCHOTHERAPY: individuals & groups

I understand the challenges of finding some space in this city - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Our time together will be that pause in the week to explore whatever challenges you may be experiencing. I work with people of all backgrounds for individual therapy and specialize in couples work, divorce recovery, young adults, professional development for women, first generation Americans, and people of color. My approach is one that works from an emotionally focused lens and considers all factors that have contributed to your understanding of self. I believe that we are products of multiple systems - family, society, relationships, etc. and I will work with you to bring awareness to their impact on your life and the choices you have made. 
As a mindfulness based therapist, I will be kind, compassionate, and present. While I am well trained to offer guidance, analysis and various techniques, I also bring the wisdom I've gained from my own lived experience into the room. I not only talk the talk but have also walked the walk. I won't judge you but I will challenge you at times, always with kindness and the intent of expanding the possibilities for how you see your life.  This is foremost a journey toward freedom, wisdom, and the unlayering of the conditioning that prevents people from seeing who they truly are right now.  I believe therapy is a vehicle for empowerment and I congratulate you on taking the first step.
Let's begin together.
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