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New York University
Silver School of Social Work
Ackerman Institute for the Family
Post Graduate Training in Couples and Family Therapy
The Justice Institute
Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Year long Practicum
I was born and raised in New York City to parents who emigrated from India. As a first generation American, I learned how to walk the line between different communities and understood the impact of identity on personal development from an early age. Over the years, I understood that self awareness and strong self care practices were the pathways to moving beyond limiting thoughts. As a trained couples and family therapist with an expertise in mindfulness practices, I have made this my life's purpose. I graduated with honors from New York University in Clinical Social Work and continued my education at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in couples and family therapy. I have spent decades cultivating an in depth meditation and spiritual practice that I bring to all areas of my life, including my work. 
I have conducted research in the field on empowering single mother survivors of domestic abuse and around creating safer schools for LGBTQ students; lectured on couples therapy in graduate programs at both New York University and Columbia University; been hired by large non-profits as an onsite therapist; and offered workshops and webinars on couples therapy, self care, mindfulness and communication, and self empowerment for people of color through meditation. As a psychotherapist, I have and continue to work with clients struggling with everything from racial identity development to work place stress to anxiety to difficulties in their relationships.
I built and managed mindfulness programming for a large private university in New York City for close to five years, where I taught mindfulness practices to students, faculty and administrators. I have led meditation sessions and provided workshops in multiple settings, and speak on mindfulness at events and conferences. I am a passionate proponent for the use of therapy and mindfulness together as transformative tools toward a life of choice, freedom, and greater connectivity.
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